OmniDEL Triple
Automated triple lowered two-section drop-in

The most popular fully automated, fully automated, three-lift lowering two-section drop-in.

The OmniDEL Triple is designed to work perfectly with two-compartment load bodies, divided lengthwise in a 70/30 or 30/70 ratio.

The two-lift configuration of the wider part of the OmniDEL Triple's hopper mechanism allows fully automatic handling of 2-wheel containers on the 70% side, with a smooth transition to 4-wheel mode if needed, automatic pick-up of the 4-wheel container and finally automatic return to 2-wheel mode, saving time.

The single section, on the other hand, perfectly implements fully automatic dumping of the contents of the 2-wheel containers into the 30% chamber of the loading floor.

Both the single and double sections of the OmniDEL Triple are equipped as standard with an automatic shaking function and with fold-down hopper plates for manual loading.

Robust, safe and low-maintenance, the OmniDEL Triple is the best possible choice as an automated low-edge loader for all types of double-chamber, 70/30 split-body loaders.

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