Underground Waste System

The KTZ system consists of two main components;


The under-ground waste container, stored invisibly underground complete with an above ground waste insertion pillar. The KTZ system container requires no electrical or hydraulic power installations meaning that the system is largely maintenance-free and thus provides a considerable saving in capital outlay. The above-ground container options have been specially designed for the KTZ system and are also compatible with the side loading KTZ system.

Collection Vehicle

The KTZ collection vehicle, an exceptional sophisticated vehicle, developed by Terberg Machines and fitted with an automatic side-loader allowing above and 5m3 under ground containers to be emptied automatically by just one driver/operator.
The underlying principles for the KTZ system design are to ensure safety and offer the best working conditions possible. The collection system co-developed by Terberg and Kliko offers municipalities, architects and town & country planners possibilities that have not been available previously. The compact design and efficiency of the KTZ system make the solution possible, not just physically but financially.


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